Pritt Sustainability

The solvent-free Pritt Stick celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009. An environmental and economic success: more than one billion units sold. Henkel obviously places particularly high priority on its ecological compatibility and product safety. The Pritt Stick is solvent- and PVC-free.

Safe products, backed up by good advice

The compatibility of Henkel products and technologies with health and the environment is assessed in detail. This involves evaluating the properties of the individual ingredients, their concentrations in the product, and the conditions under which the product is to be used.

Some of the products and their sustainability

Adhesives – Pritt Stick

  • 90 % of renewable ingredients in total glue mass: no PVP or PVA (oil based components)
  • solvent free
  • up to 3x stronger than main competitors in the market*
  • glues up to 2.4x more with one stick than main competitors in the market**
  • special airtight container keeps glue fresh for longer: increased life time, reduced waste
  • washable at 30°C
  • produced in reduced emission plant

*Immediate bonding strength against glues sticks > 5% market share in EU

**Compared against main competitors of glue sticks (UHU, Tesa)

Correction – Pritt ECOmfort Roller

  • First correction roller in the world with shells made out of 89% natural plastic
  • Solvent and acid free
  • Awarded Third Place for “Bio-based Material of the Year 2010” at the Hanover Fair
  • Comfortable handling: sideway application and ergonomic design
  • Perfect cover: 8.5m improved premium correction layer
  • Dry & clean correction result: write over immediately with every pen - without smearing
  • Without shadows or edges when copied

Correction – Pritt Compact Roller

  • No solvents or other toxic products as in most correction fluids
  • Increased easiness and convenience compared to correction fluids: can be written on immediately
  • Compact available in double width (8,4 mm) for handwritten text
  • Produced in reduced emission plant