Magic wand

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    Difficulty Level
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    3 to 6 years
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A magic wand to enchant the world

Do you need a really special wand to help you cast your spell on the world?  Abracadabra, here it is! And it's not at all difficult to make. Let your imagination run wild and create your individual wand to perform your own magical tricks.


  • wooden stick
  • 1 elastic band
  • ribbons
  • foam rubber, purple
  • glitter stones and little beads
  • glitter stars
  • Pritt All Purpose Glue


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • star shaped cookie cutters


Step 1

Place the cookie cutter on the foam rubber and draw around the outline with a pencil. Cut out the star. Then you need a second star in the same size. Draw it on the foam rubber and cut it out too.

Step 2

Cut out more smaller stars from the foam rubber. Spread All Purpose Glue on the top and scatter them with glitter. Let everything dry well.

Step 3

Decorate the tops of the two large stars with glitter stones and a small glitter star.

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Step 4

Cut out coloured ribbons in various lengths and attach them to the top of the wooden stick with the elastic band. Wrap the elastic band tightly around the stick so that the ribbons can't come loose.

Step 5

You can decorate the ribbons with the smaller stars or put beads on them. Design it however you like.

Step 6

Then carefully spread All Purpose Glue on the back of the large stars. Stick the two stars together.  Put the end of the wooden stick between them. Press the stars tightly together until the glue is dry. And now your very own magic wand is finished.

Tips and tricks:

Clothes pegs are a useful aid. They can hold the two foam rubber stars together while the glue is drying.