A huge world in a box

A huge world in a box

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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Build yourself a magical world in miniature

Imagine you could create your very own world...


  • shoe box with lid
  • magazine pages with pretty landscapes
  • colourful wrapping paper and glitter paper
  • small figures
  • natural materials, e.g. moss, small twigs, pebbles, sand ...
  • glitter, glitter stones, beads, ribbons, marbles ...
  • brightly coloured see-through paper
  • a Pritt Original Stick
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue
  • Pritt Multi Tack


  • scissors
  • craft knife

For parents/adults:

Some steps require the use of a craft knife. Please supervise these steps so your child doesn't get hurt.


Step 1

First, choose the materials that you want to use in your looking box.  Anything that will fit in the shoe box is possible: small figures, pebbles, natural materials. The more the better. You can also use colourful wrapping paper or glitter foil as well as magazine pages to decorate the inner walls of the looking box.

Step 2

The looking box itself is made of a shoe box.  You can decorate the exterior of the shoe box with coloured paper.

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Step 3

Ask an adult to cut a 2 cm round viewhole in one of the short sides of the box.

Step 4

Then let an adult help you cut a large opening in the lid of the shoe box to let the light in. Leave a border of around 3 cm all around.

Step 5

Now you can design the inside of the looking box. First you have to cover the inner walls of the shoe box. Colourful wrapping paper, glitter paper or magazine pages with colourful landscapes, you can use whatever you like. Cut the paper to size and carefully stick it to the walls with the Pritt Glue Stick.

Then create your fantasy landscape with moss, twigs, stones, sand and figures. Glitter stones and marbles also create great effects. Let your fantasy run free. They stick best with Crafting Glue or Multi Tack. Just try it out.

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Step 6

Finally, you need to cover the opening in the lid with brightly coloured transparent paper. Choose a colour that you like. Cut it to size and stick it to the inside of the lid.

Step 7

Then put the lid on the shoe box. You can let the sunshine into your world by holding the shoebox under a lamp. Now you and everyone else can marvel at your dream world by looking though the viewhole.

Tips and tricks:

Your dream world will appear differently depending on the lighting. Simply place a piece of darker coloured transparent paper over the opening. Look at how the light effects change. Incredible!