World of Fantasy

Come with us into the world of fantasy!


Come with us and enter the world of fantasy! What you need?
Nothing other than lots of ideas and lots of imagination. The world of fantasy is not a truly real world, it is a world that you can create for yourself. With the following tips, we want to help you to create and design your very own fan-
tasy world.

These are just some ideas and sugges-
tions about what you can "build" using your own imagination.

What kind of beings live in your world?

There are many beings that can popu-
late the world of fantasy. But you alone decide which ones can come into your fantasy world. Choose your world's inhabitants. Should they only be good guys or will you also let some baddies in? Do you want your world to live in peace or should they also fight against each other? What kind of adventures should they have?
Here is a selection of fantasy beings. You can of course also use your own ideas and invent completely new characters.

Wizards, magicians, witches and sorcerers:

Witches and wizards have special powers. They can cast spells, make potions, transform themselves and make miracles happen. "Hocus-pocus", "Abracadabra"! A lot can also see into the future. There are good wizards, but also bad ones who only cause trouble.

Giants and dwarves:

Giants are gigantic and really strong, but are they also clever and wise? Dwarves definitely are - they are particularly intelligent, cunning and many of them can do magic. But people also say that they are greedy. Dwarves live underground, but where do the giants live in your fantasy world?


Dragons guard treasure, that is why they are so strong and fearsome. They are a mixture of lion, snake and crocodile. Most of them can fly and breathe fire. But there are also some dragons that can breathe ice or spit poison. Along with their superior size, many are often blessed with great intelligence and have special powers. They almost live forever.

Elves and fairies:

Elves and fairies are beautiful, ghostly creatures with special powers. They appear just as quickly as they disappear. It is almost impossible to find them because they can turn invisible. They only show themselves to those people that they want to be seen by.

But there are also trolls, pixies, unicorns, dragons, princesses and many more creatures that you can let into your world.

Where is your fantasy world?

As the name suggests, a fantasy world only exists in your imagination. But you can bring your imagination to life. Is your fantasy world gigantic, as big as a forest or a park? Then there is surely somewhere nearby that is similar to your fantasy world.

With tall trees where the elves live, a deep lake where the water dragon rests, or a meadow where the dwarves burrow.

Or is your world tiny, so small that it would fit into a shoe box or even a matchbox? With inhabitants that can only be seen with a magnifying glass and who can only be heard when it is really quiet.

Maybe you yourself are part of your fantasy world. You are a prince or princess who lives in a castle, or a dragon hunter who lives in a cave. Then all you have to do is decorate your room that way! The people around you become part of your world. The grumpy next-door neighbour is the dragon, the checkout lady at the supermarket is a fairy and your dog isn't a dog but an enchanted little pixie.

What's so special and wonderful about a fantasy world is that it only belongs to you and you needn't tell anyone what happens there. It is your secret that you might just share with your best friend. But you should only ever tell somebody who also has a lot of imagination about your fantasy world. Only then you can play together and go on adventures in this secret faraway world.