A huge world in a box

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  • shoe box with lid
  • magazine pages with pretty landscapes
  • colourful wrapping paper and glitter paper
  • small figures
  • natural materials, e.g. moss, small twigs, pebbles, sand ...
  • glitter, glitter stones, beads, ribbons, marbles ...
  • brightly coloured see-through paper
  • a Pritt Original Stick
  • Pritt Craft Glue
  • Pritt Multi Tack


  • 1 handy Pritt glue stick
  • scissors



Step 1

Cut out all the images in the documents that have been printed out. If you have chosen to print out the black & white version of the project, you can colour in the pictures now.

Step 2

Cut the piece of wax paper/baking paper to the same size as the lid of the shoebox.

Page 3



Step 3

Now cut a hole into the lid of the shoebox. It is important to leave a 3 cm margin around the edge of the lid.

Step 4

Place some glue onto the inner margin of the shoebox.

Step 5

Now place the sized wax paper into the inner lid, and glue the wax paper to the margin of the lid.

Page 4



Step 6

Use your scissors to cut a looking hole into the far end of the shoebox. The looking whole should have a diameter of 2 cm.

Step 7

Glue image A1 to the opposite inner side of the looking hole.

Step 8

Use images A2 to cover the inside sidewalls of the box.



Step 9

Glue images A3 to the floor of the box.

Step 10

Resize the images W1 to W4 to be the same size as the end of the shoebox. You resize the images by folding them to size. Depending on how you choose to crop the images, the final image will be different.

Tip: you can crop the W1 to W4 images with a 1 cm flap off the fold.

Step 11

Glue images W1 to W4 in sequence, with a 4 to 5 cm space between each image.



Step 12

Roll and glue the image SC1 into a cylinder. Then use your scissors to cut the paper cylinder into 1 cm long segments.

Then glue the clouds (C1) and the sun (S1) onto the walls of the box.



Step 13

Glue the fronts and backs of all the sea creature images (F1 to F7) together. Remember to leave a spliced base of each figure, which you can use to glue the image to the inside of the box.  

Now glue your sea creatures amongst the waves in your box. Look at the photo for help.



Step 14

Glue the bases of the mermaid (M1) and the diver (M2). Then place them between the waves.

Step 15:

Place the lid onto the shoebox.

And that is it!

You are ready to look into the looking hole and have some 3D fun with your ocean box.

We hope you have a lot of fun with your 3D ocean box.
We would love to see pictures of your project. You can ask your parents to post your pictures on our Facebook wall at “Pritt world”.

Tips and tricks:

Tip: Ask an adult to help your cut out the looking hole in the box.