About Pritt Products

1) What can I do when some glue gets on clothing?

Even though most of our glues are non-liquid, a sleeve may get glued sometimes. Pre-soak the clothing in cold water for about 10 minutes.

Follow the washing instructions on the garment label and don't dry-clean.

2) How can I keep glue in a good condition?

For long-lasting results place the cap on the glue stick and close it correctly when you don't need it for more than two minutes. This will prevent it from drying out.

All glues like it warm and cozy. So keep them from freezing.

3) What do I have to watch out for when I craft with kids?

Pritt Sticks are solvent-free and the Pritt Original Stick is even PVP-free. Some of our products are made up of small parts (e.g. Liquid Glues), are therefore not for children under 3 years and should be used under parent supervision.

4) How can I flatten the loops of tape that appear in my Pritt Glue Roller?

In case a loop of tape appears in your Pritt Glue Roller, just use it three or more times on a piece of paper. This will make the loop disappear.

The latest models of the Pritt Glue Rollers feature a button which makes flattening loops even easier.

5) Why are there different colors of gluing rollers?

We use colors to distinguish permanent and non-permanent gluing products.

Permanent gluing products are indicated by an overall red, while non-permanent products feature a bright yellow part.That way, it's easy to distinguish them on your desk.

6) Which is the best method to …

  • … stick photos?
    We recommend the use of the products PowerPritt Stick, Refill Roller, Roller Compact and Mini Roller.
  • … do creative crafting with paper?
    We recommend the use of the products PowerPritt Stick and Pritt White Craft Glue.
  • … craft with felt, fabrics and clothes?
    We recommend the use of the products PowerPritt Stick and Pritt Stick.
  • … correct larger areas?
    We recommend the use of the product Micro Rolly.
  • … hang posters in the wall?
    We recommend the use of the product Multi Tack.

7) How much effort does Pritt put into sustainability issues?

Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to the Henkel corporate culture for decades. Therefore, Pritt products place great value on environmental compatibility and product safety.

For example, our entire line of adhesives is free of solvents. Approximately 90 percent of the adhesive ingredients used in the Pritt Stick are made from renewable raw materials.

The Pritt Stick packaging is PVC-free and certified to comply with stringent EU child safety legislation. The Pritt Refill Correction Rollers are easy to refill which helps to save resources and avoid waste.

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8) Is it true that the Pritt Stick was the first glue stick?

In 1969 Henkel invented the world's first glue stick after studying the "twist-up ease" and convenience of lipstick applicators. Since then, the world of gluing has never been the same - consumers finally had a clean and convenient method of gluing!

In more than 30 years since the first "tubed glue" hit the market, Henkel has sold over 1 billion glue sticks in 121 countries, distinguishing Pritt as a true worldwide brand.

9) Why is the Pritt Stick better than ever?

There are 4 main reasons:

  1. The Pritt Stick has the highest initial tack out of main competitors*
  2. Higher efficiency: You can glue more than twice as much with a Pritt Stick than with other main competitors in the market
  3. Better Gliding: easier to apply and less lumping
  4. Pritt Stick has the most sustainable formula (90% renewable mat. incl. water)

*as analyzed by the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute that tested immediate bonding strength against competitor glue sticks with >5% market share in EU.

10) How can I prevent sticks from drying out?

The special airtight cap+tube-system keeps the glue fresh for longer: this allows for increased product life time up to several years, which helps to save resources and avoid waste.

11) What is the most convenient product for a collage?

We recommend the use of the Pritt Sticks, as their application is especially clean and easy.

Also the White Craft Glue is perfect for sticking all sorts of material to create collages, pictures, models, paper-mâché - virtually any craft project.

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12) I’d like to know more about the history of Pritt. How did it start?

About forty years ago, the world's first glue stick began its triumphal march around the globe. Henkel researcher Dr. Wolfgang Dierichs first had the idea for the Pritt glue stick in 1967.

It took only two years to develop the first Pritt Stick, which resembled a tube of lipstick: small and handy, clean to apply and always ready to use. That was in 1969.

Since then, Pritt has constantly reinvented gluing: from Pritt Multi-Purpose Glue (1972) to the innovative Pritt Glue Roller (1989), the No More Scissors adhesive tape (2002) and our latest products such as the Pritt Crafting Glue (2010) and the renewed Pritt Stick (2011).

In 1995 Henkel purchased the roller business from the German firm Pelikan. Under its leadership as the #1 adhesives manufacturer in the world, Henkel further expanded its roller range to include new, compact and ergonomic designs for correcting and gluing.

The most recent innovation within the correction category is the ECOmfort Roller (2010), the first correction roller with a shell consisting almost 90 percent of a plastic made from plants.

The high standards of our products have already been recognized by international awards throughout the years.
For further information on the history of Pritt, please go to the “About Pritt” section.

13) Who is Mr Pritt?

Mr Pritt is the friendly spokesperson of the Pritt brand.
This character was invented in 1987 by Mr Arnold Sindle in Manchester, UK.

In 1990, Mr. Pritt was introduced Italy. Finally, in 2007 Mr. Pritt was featured on the Pritt glue sticks for the first time.

14) I have an idea that I would like to share! How can I reach you?

We are always looking for new and interesting ideas! Please fill in the contact form here:

15) I have some comments about your product. How can I get in touch with Pritt?

We are very interested in getting your opinion on our products. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us here: