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Fairytale worlds in glass

Everyone is fascinated by snow globes. Just one quick shake and the snow is swirling all around the fairytale scenery inside the glass. Using the simplest materials you can make your own snow globe. This is nice as decoration and as gifts for family and friends.


  • glass jar with screw top
  • small plastic figures
  • Pritt Multi Tack
  • glitter or snow powder from the craft store
  • distilled water
  • tissue paper, glitter stars, ribbons for decorating the snow globe
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue


  • teaspoon
  • scissors 



For parents/adults:

Make sure that you only use distilled water if you want the water to stay clear in your snow globe. It is advisable to secure the edge of the top with a little hot glue so that the jar can't be opened anymore by mistake.

Step 1

Make a small mound in the lid of the jam jar with Pritt Multi Tack. Don't make the mound too big. You still have to be able to screw the top back on.

However, it should be a bit higher than the edge of the lid so that later you can still see everything in the globe and nothing is covered.

Step 2

Then you can stick your figures in. Design your very own little scenery. You are sure to have a few nice ideas. Press the figures in so that they don't come loose later.

Test that everything fits in the jar every now and again. If necessary, make your scenery a bit smaller.

Step 3

Add some glitter or snow powder to the jar with a teaspoon. Then carefully fill the jar to the top with distilled water.

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Step 4

Carefully screw the lid back on. Screw it on tightly so that no water can drip out. Then check that there is enough water in the jar. Ideally, there shouldn't be any air bubbles left in the jar.

Step 5

Then dry the outside of the jar well and decorate the lid as you like.


Tips and tricks:

A drop of washing up liquid reduces the surface tension of the water. That means that the glitter and snow powder can float better.