Emballage-cadeau de Noël Rodolph

  • Niveau de difficulté
    Niveau de difficulté
  • Age
    7-11 ans
  • Qui fait du bricolage?
    Qui fait du bricolage?
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  • thick red craft paper for the gift box.
  • normal craft paper in red, black and several brown-tones for Rudolph’s head
  • cotton wool


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Pritt Original Stick
  • Power Pritt Stick



Step 1

Use the patterns for the Rudolph gift box parts to trace their contours onto the craft paper. Please note, you can either print out the colourful motifs directly, or use the black and white motifs as models to trace the contours onto coloured craft paper.

Step 2

Cut the motifs out along their outlines.

Step 3

Using your Pritt Stick, paste the eyes, nose, ears and antlers onto Rudolph’s head.


Page 3



Step 4

Fold the gift box and paste it together with the Pritt Stick at the marked spots.

Step 5

Paste Rudolph’s head onto the gift box at the marked position.

Step 6

Finally, use the cotton wool to make different size snowflakes and attach them with the Power Pritt Stick to the finished gift box in a decorative way.


Fill the gift box with homemade Christmas biscuits for a special surprise to give to friends and relatives.