At Pritt, we’re always working hard to ensure we’ve got the best glue stick around. And now we can prove it is!

Fraunhofer, an independent research agency, have tested Pritt Sticks to determine how efficient they are against their competitors. To do this, glue was applied onto one edge of a sheet of A4 paper, and that edge of paper was then connected to the opposite edge to form a cylinder. If the paper was not held in position by the glue for a period of 5 seconds or more, more glue was applied using the same technique. This process was repeated until the glue held the paper for five seconds or more, and the whole experiment was carried out 30 times in order to gather a statistically significant result.

The glue sticks used in the tests were weighed before and the testing. The difference between the two weights equals the amount of glue used, and therefore is directly proportional to the efficiency of the glue stick.

As a result it was found that Pritt Sticks glue double the amount of paper than the next best selling competitor. The table below shows the proof!