Multi Tack

Key facts

Pritt Multi Tack are versatile, easily removable and reusable adhesive squares.
They are the ideal alternative to pins or tape as they are non-permanent and guarantee an easily removable fixing of posters, paper, greeting cards or other light items up to 250g (per adhesive square) to walls, doors or windows. This makes them the perfect accessory for arts and crafts.

Product features

It is available in wallets with 55 or 95 pieces.

Application areas

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Photos

Additional information

Multi Tack performs best ...
... on non-porous surfaces, glass, metal and other smooth surfaces and shows multiple, discrete fixing results.
As the bonding strength of the product increases with time, take extra care, when removing.

For the safety of your children

Pritt Multi Tack is solvent-free and therefore safe for children.

Step by Step


  1. Detach a Multi Tack and roll it between your fingers to get a ball.
  2. Attach the Multi Tack to the object to be glued. Multi Tack works best when surfaces are clean and dry.
  3. Just press the object to the wall to make it stick.

Remove objects easily by pulling. You can reuse the Multi Tack: Just knead it and roll it again.