Colorful Butterflies

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    3 to 6 years
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    Who`s crafting?
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  • print out the attached document


  • a handy Pritt glue stick
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler


Butterflies are flying insects that are very important for pollinating flowers. Did you know that butterflies start their lives as caterpillars? The caterpillars eats lots of leaves and gets fat. Then they make a cocoon and take a long sleep. After their sleep they break out of their cocoon as butterflies. Today we are going to make our own butterfly with the following Pritt project.



Step 1

Cut out all the images in the documents that have been printed out. If you have chosen to print out the black and white version, you can colour in all the parts.


Step 2

Roll image 2 around your pencil so that the paper forms a cylinder.

Step 3

Glue the cylinder along the seam using you Pritt glue stick. This will make up the butterfly’s body.

Page 3



Step 4

Use your scissors to curl the paper image 4. Do this by placing the paper between your thumb and the hard blunt edge of the scissors. Then pull the paper at a 90° angel. Refer to the pictures for help.

Step 5

Cut the paper curls so they are approximately 6 – 8 cm long.

Step 6

Now glue the body (2) of your butterfly to the wings (1). Use the picture as a reference.



Step 7

Use your handy Pritt glue stick to glue the face (3) and the feelers (4) to the body.

Step 8

Your butterfly wings are done! Now you are ready to have some butterfly fun.



How to use your butterfly:

Step 1

Hold the butterfly at the end of its tail.

Step 2

Move your hand up and down.

And that is it!

Can you see the wings flapping?

We would love to see pictures of your projects. You can ask your parents to post pictures on our Facebook wall at “Pritt world”.

Tips and Tricks

Use a pencil to roll the body of the butterfly.