Funny Zebra

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    3 to 6 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
  • Theme
    Fun and games

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The horse with the distinctive black and white stripes

A friendly zebra for your circus or zoo. Or you get the african savanna into your own house.


  • 4 cardboard tubes: one 15cm, two 10 cm and one 6.5cm
  • black and white paint


  • scissors
  • Pritt Magic Stick



Step 1

Cut a strip out of the two medium tubes.

Step 2

Cut a wedge from the end of an open tube. Glue the cut end to the middle of the tallest tube and glue the other end over the top of the smallest tube.

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Step 3

Cut two ears from the wedge. Stick them onto one end of the other open tube.

Step 4

Cut a little wedge out of the other end to make a smiling mouth.

Step 5

Paint the body of the zebra with black and white stripes.

Step 6

Cut two eyes out of white paper. Paint black dots in the middle. Stick them onto
the zebra´s head. Now stick the head onto the neck. Funny Zebra is finished!