Warning! Wild Birds!

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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    Fun and games




Paper puppets made from Jacob's ladders

Beware, following these instructions creates a wild bird! First you have to make a Jacob's ladder. Never heard of one? Then you are in for a surprise.

Even if the instructions seem a little complicated at first, this wild bird isn't actually that hard to make. All you need is craft paper and skilled hands.


  • craft paper, 1 large sheet
  • sewing thread
  • small beads
  • wooden stick
  • Pritt Original Stick
  • Pritt No More Scissors tape


  • pencil
  • felt tip pens
  • ruler
  • a pair of compasses
  • scissors
  • thick, stub needle




For parents/adults:

Attaching the puppet isn't difficult, but it will be easier with your help.

Step 1

The wild bird is made from Jacob's ladders. To make a Jacob's ladder you need two equally wide and long strips of paper. Lay the ends over each other at right angles and glue them together.

Now always fold the bottom strip diagonally over the top one to the other side. Step by step, a Jacob's ladder is formed.

Then glue the other ends together and where necessary cut off the excess paper.



Step 2

You need a number of Jacob's ladders for the wild bird:

  • Neck: 2 strips, each 70 cm long and 3 cm wide
  • 2 legs: 4 strips, each 50 cm long and 2 cm wide
  • 4 wings: 8 strips, each 30 cm long and 2.5 cm wide
  • 3 tail feathers: 6 strips, each 40 cm long and 1 cm wide

Using a ruler, measure the strips and cut them out.  

Then fold the Jacob's ladders as described.

Step 3

The bird's body is made from a rectangular piece of coloured craft paper. It should be 45x10 cm. Roll it into a tube with a diameter of around 7 cm. Spread each end with glue so that the tube cannot unravel.

Put three slits into the top and bottom end so that you can round off the tube.

Push the slits over each other and glue them down. 



Step 4

The bird's head is made from a cone that you can roll together out of a semi-circle. The diameter of the circle should be 14 cm. Draw it onto the craft paper with the compasses.

Cut it out and then in half.  

Then roll it up to form a cone. Glue the ends together well.

Step 5

Then you can put the bird together. Glue the neck to one end of the body. Then glue the head to the same end as the neck.

Attach two wings to each side of the body. Glue the three tail feathers to the rear end of the body.

Then attach the two legs underneath the body and your wild bird is almost finished.

Quickly draw the eyes and the beak on.



Step 6

Then you just have to fix the threads that you control your puppet with. For this bit, it is best if you get someone to help you. Attach the threads to the bird's head, shoulders and tail.

Tie the thread around small beads and carefully pierce through the paper. Tie the other ends of the threads to a wooden stick.  

Secure the knots with adhesive tape so they don't come loose.

Step 7

Now you can take your wild bird for a walk. If you move the stick up and down a little at the front then the back, the bird begins to hop about. Let's go!

Tips & Tricks

To make your wild bird walk better, weigh the feet down a little. Simply stick a coin beneath the soles of its feet and it'll walk much better.