Fingerboard Skatepark

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    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
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    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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Skate like a pro

Grind, slide, flip - everything is possible with a mini skateboard. Only you can decide how you want your skatepark to be. How high should the ramp be, and how big are the pipes? These tips show you how easy it is to make your very own skatepark!


  • various small boxes as a stable base for the ramps and pipes
  • cardboard tubes, e.g. poster tubes or kitchen rolls as a stable base for the pipes
  • empty matchboxes for the stairset
  • lid of a large box as base for the skatepark
  • photo paper, 50x70 cm, as surface for the ramps and pipes, preferably in grey
  • craft paper
  • Pritt Original Stick
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue
  • Pritt No More Scissors tape


  • scissors
  • pencil
  • craft knife
  • ruler



For parents/adults:

A poster tube is a good base for a pipe. It is not easy to cut them in half because the cardboard is very hard and thick. One step requires the help of an adult. Please supervise that step so your child doesn't get hurt.

Step 1

You need various obstacles in your skatepark that you can ride with your fingerboard. Each obstacle is built separately and then put together to form a skatepark. The base plate of the park is important.

At the end, all obstacles will be stuck down on it. Try to find as large and as stable a box lid as possible.

Step 2

Cut the photo paper into approx. 10 cm wide strips. These strips will form the surface of the ramps, pipes and stairset. Therefore they should be as long as possible.

Step 3

Building a ramp: Select a suitable box. Stick a strip of craft paper  on it. Bend the photo paper on both sides to form a diagonal drop in and out.

Fold a 1 cm wide tab on each end so that later you can securely glue the ramp down onto the base plate.

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Step 4

Building a halfpipe: You will need an approx. 10 cm wide piece of a poster tube and a box. Ask an adult to cut the poster tube in half.

Place the half tube and the box slightly apart next to each other. Join them with a long strip of craft paper.

Don't forget to leave a 1 cm wide tab at the start and the end of the pipe.

Step 5

Building a staircase: Glue the matchboxes together to make a staircase. Glue a strip of craft paper on each step. You will need an exit ramp at the end of the steps.

Don't forget the tabs at the start and end here either so that you can secure the obstacle on the base later.



Step 6

Now you can glue all of the separate skatepark elements to the base. The best thing to use is the PVA Craft Glue.

Leave the glue to dry well. Then secure the tabs again with a strip of adhesive tape.

Step 7

Then cover the gaps between the obstacles with photo paper so that you have a smooth skating surface. You can secure those joins with an extra strip of adhesive tape too.

Step 8

Once everything is secured, grab your fingerboard and get skating. Have fun!

Tips and tricks:

You can fold a box better if you score it first with a pair of scissors. Place a ruler along the line that you want to fold and carefully score against the ruler with the point of some scissors. Now you can make a neat fold.