How to make a Mayan temple in a rainforest pop-up card

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
  • Theme


  • Download & print the templates (click below)
  • An empty cornflakes box (or other thin card)
  • A cotton wool ball


  • Pritt glue stick/Pritt Green Stick
  • Pritt PVA craft Glue
  • Scissors


Did you ever wonder where all that stuff that is sold in the supermarket comes from? A lot of it comes from other countries over seas. The big question is how does all that stuff get over the sea. The answer is a container ship! There is a very large ship that can carry many metal boxes filled with stuff. The container ship sails from country to country, picking up and dropping off stuff. In todays project we are going to make a container ship from paper. For more ideas, remember to have a look at our other “paper city” projects, they are all super fun!




Step 1

First, cut out all the parts along the solid lines. Then stick the two background templates together on the marked area with enough glue.

Step 2

Now fold the background along the dotted line so that the colourful sides are facing outwards at first. Cut along the solid line on the picture and then fold the card out the other way, so that the white sides are facing outwards. Ask your parents for help if it is too tricky. Then fold the two sides with the cuts towards the front.

Step 3

Now it's time to make the two "rainforest canopies". Fold them along the dotted lines and stick them behind the card like on the picture so that they overlap a little.

Step 4

Then apply a generous amount of  glue on the back of the card, including the rainforest canopy, except the cut-out areas, and stick them onto a piece of card or the cornflakes box. When it is dry, fold the pop-up card back into a right angle.

Step 5

Now stick the cut-out Mayan temple on the protruding strip of paper with Pritt glue stick: the large temple on the left, wider strip, and the smaller temple on the right-hand strip. That gives you a great 3D effect! Now you can hide whatever you want to be discovered in your Mayan temple, treasure for example, in the empty space behind.



Step 6

To give it a few extra colourful accents, apply a generous amount of green glue on the ground of your rainforest jungle as you wish and let it dry well.

Step 7

To make the volcano, first fold the ground inwards and fold the small tabs upwards. Apply a generous amount of craft glue on all the tabs.

Step 8

Now roll the volcano together to make a cone and stick it together using the tabs. When it is rolled up you can press the tabs from the inside to make sure they are sticking properly.

Step 9

To bring your volcano to life, stuff the cotton wool ball in the top as smoke billowing out from the volcano. You can pull the cotton wool ball apart a little.

Step 10

To make the bushes, fold the templates down the middle and fold the coloured tabs inwards. The bushes are now triangular. Stick the two bottom tabs together using your Pritt glue stick so that they can stand up. Then you can place the bushes wherever you like in your jungle landscape. If you want to fold the card together, take the bushes out first. Then simply fold the pop-up card together if you want to put it away or take it somewhere. As soon as you open it, your Mayan temple and the rainforest canopy pop out straight away and you can carry on playing.

And that's it!

Have fun with your jungle adventure in the Mayan temples! Take a look at our other jungle craft sets – you can use the fun finger puppets from the jungle theatre in your pop-up card too. Maybe you want to show your friends how to make a Mayan temple, too?

Tipps & Tricks

The green Pritt glue stick is perfect for this craft project because you can add colourful touches to your jungle landscape.