A fun jungle game for the whole family

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
  • Theme


  • Download & print the templates (click below)
  • Craft paper
  • A dice
  • A shoe box


  • Pritt glue stick
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue
  • Scissors


Jungle explorers make the most exciting discoveries – and so can you in our fun jungle game for the whole family! Explorers search for exotic animals deep in the rainforest, but can they actually find them in their hiding places? With our fun jungle game, you become an explorer yourself and search for the well-hidden jungle animals. Be the first to make it to the research station and prove your knowledge of the animal. And the best thing: you can make everything that you need for the jungle game yourself using our template and some paper.




Step 1

Cut out all parts of the template along the solid lines.

Step 2

For the board, stick both of the templates together onto stable craft paper to make a joined up board. Leave the glue to dry well and then cut out the board.

Step 3

For the boulders, fold the template along the dotted lines, apply a generous amount of Pritt craft glue onto the marked tabs and stick the template together to make a boulder. Because you need seven boulders and they can be a bit tricky, you can ask your parents to help.

Step 4

To make the playing figures for your jungle game, fold the templates down the middle and fold the coloured tabs inwards. The figures are now triangular. Stick the two bottom tabs together so that your figures stand up well. By the way, the Pritt glue stick comes in lots of different designs. That makes it a great playing figure as well.

Step 5

Now you just need seven cards. Fold them in the middle and stick the non-printed sides together. Then you will have playing cards with an animal on one side and a question mark on the other. Now you're ready to start your search for wild animals in the jungle game together with your family or friends! After playing you can store all the different pieces in the shoe box.

Rules of the game


a) Mix the seven boulders well, but do not look underneath! Then place them on the marked areas of the jungle game board. Shuffle the cards well too and then place them face down on the card area – the research station. Turn over the top card of the deck so that everyone can see it. You are looking for this animal!

b) Two to three players start in the "camp". The player with the highest roll of the dice starts. When it is your turn, roll the dice and move your figure that number of squares. You can go in any direction, but you can only go in one direction each turn. So if you roll a five, you may not go two squares to the right and then three to the left.  

c) If you stop on an arrow in front of a boulder, you can take the boulder and look which animal is hiding underneath it. Make sure that nobody else can see it. Is that the animal you are looking for? If not, put the boulder back and carry on looking on your next turn. If it is, put the boulder back and try to get back to the research station as quickly as possible. But beware – if you are too obvious, the other players might try and take the card before you.

d) Once at the research station, lift up the right boulder and show it to the other players. Hopefully you remembered the right one. Because if you get it wrong, you have to miss one turn until you can try it again. But if you are right, you win the card and can place it in front of you. The winner is the first player to find three animals.

e) There is one more little trap in your jungle game: if you land on a square that someone else is already on, you can kick them off. They have to go back to camp and start again from the beginning.

And that's it!


Have fun crafting and playing the jungle game! If you fancy more jungle adventures, try making our great 3D jungle pop-up cards.

Tipps & Tricks

Of course you can also decorate the box that you store all the pieces for your homemade jungle game in a matching jungle style. You can use the colourful flowers and plants from the jungle finger puppet theatre!