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    3 to 6 years
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A dazzling headdress for little princesses

Princesses not only need a beautiful dress. Most of all they need a tiara to really look like a true princess. To make a great majestical impression the tiara has to be decorated with lots of glitter, gold, satin ribbons and more – just as the little princess likes it.


  • Alice band
  • chenille sticks, pink
  • beads, sequins
  • photo paper, gold
  • glitter, gold
  • satin ribbons and bows
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue



  • pencil
  • scissors



For parents/adults:

It is best to cut the chenille sticks with kitchen scissors. That protects the children's craft scissors.

Step 1

First, thread some beads onto a long piece of chenille stick.


Step 2

Then decide how many peaks your tiara is going to have. Fold that many peaks into the chenille stick. You need at least three for the tiara to look truly majestic.

Step 3

Then place the peaks in the middle of the Alice band and wrap the ends around it.

Page 3



Step 4

Then cut off more smaller pieces from the chenille sticks. They are for securing the loose peaks to the Alice band.

Step 5

Now you can decorate the tiara however you like. Cut out stars from coloured paper. Spread glue on them and scatter them with glitter. Put a glitter star in the middle. Isn't that pretty? Let everything dry well.

Step 6

Finally, glue the stars to the Alice band and wrap a few matching ribbons around the ends. Now doesn't your princess tiara look magnificent?

Tips and tricks:

Drawing a star isn't that easy. Use a biscuit cutter as a template. Then it is easy-peasy.