Flannel and Towel Holder

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
  • Theme
    Decoration and gifts

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Decorative drying and storage

Create your own flannel and towel holder! Hung up there your towels and the towels of your family will always be nice and dry. Also the flannel and towel holder in your own individual design resamples a nice decoration for your bathroom.


  • blank CDs
  • happy papers "Bees", "Frogs" craft card (Heyda)
  • joggle eyes (KnorrPrandell) (2.5 cm)
  • suction cups with hooks (KnorrPrandell)
  • satin ribbon (KnorrPrandell) in red (0.3 cm)
  • chenille sticks (KnorrPrandell) in yellow, green
  • wooden beads (Rayher) in natural, green
  • dark blue Marabu-Decorlack acrylic paint in light green, dark green, yellow, black
  • marabu-brilliant Painter in black, white, red


  • scissors
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue
  • paint brush



Step 1

Paint frog and bee bodies on the CDs with acrylic lacquer and leave until completely dry.

Step 2

Cut out the head, hands and feet from the patterned craft paper as shown in the diagram.

Step 3

Paint on the faces with the Brilliant Painter paints and attach the joggle eyes.

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Step 4

Cut the green and yellow chenille sticks to size for feelers, arms and legs. Attach the wooden beads and glue to the hands and feet. Secure the wooden beads to the feelers with a spot of glue. Glue the feelers behind the head.

Step 5

Glue the heads to the front side of the CDs. Attach the arms and legs behind.

Step 6

Place the suction cups through the hole in the CD and secure with glue on the rear side. Finally, decorate with bows made from the ribbon.