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    Difficulty Level
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    3 to 6 years
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    Who`s crafting?
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See the world in a different way

You see colours in a completely new way when looking through a kaleidoscope. Twisting and tipping the kaleidoscope creates new patterns that never repeat themselves - really fascinating. We explain to you here how you can make your own kaleidoscope that will impress you and your friends.


  • shiny card
  • plastic film
  • some coloured plastic shavings
  • beads
  • tracing paper
  • coloured paper


  • scissors
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue



Step 1

First, cut the shiny card to the size of 125 x 200 mm. Fold this rectangle into three equally large sections with a width of 40 mm each and a small tab of 5 mm.

Step 2

Fold the section together to form a prism and stick them together on the tabs using PVA glue. Then glue a piece of transparent plastic film over one end of the prism.

Step 3

Make another, shorter prism in the same way, also from shiny paper, but this time make a rectangle to the size of 140 mm x 30 mm. Once that prism is ready, slide it into the other one until it is 10 mm away from the plastic film.