Veteran of the Skies

Veteran of the Skies - Crafting Video

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A paper bi-plane

You can easily build your own version of this nostalgic aeroplane using the templates. With a little skill, your bi-plane will be in the air in no time.


  • 1 brass fastener
  • Pritt glue stick


  • scissors

Step 1

Print out all 4 templates and neatly cut out the bi-plane parts along the outline.

Step 2

Fold each wing together along the black line. Carefully spread glue on the back and press together. Then fold the wings three times: inwards along the red marking and outwards along the two dotted lines. Cut the ends of the wings diagonally with scissors.

Step 3

Fold the elevator along the black line and glue together. Then fold three times, once inwards and twice outwards. You can also cut the ends of the elevator diagonally.

Step 4

Fold the landing gear and the two wing struts in the same way as the previous parts, glue them together and fold them inwards or outwards.

Step 5

Fold the template for the wheels along the line and glue the backs together. Then cut out the two wheels.

Step 6

Fold the template for the propeller along the dotted line and carefully glue the backs together. Now cut out the propeller along the outline. Carefully pierce a small hole in the middle with scissors. Slide the brass fastener through the hole.

Step 7

Now you can start to assemble the plane. Fold the fuselage together along the dotted line. Carefully spread glue on the inner sides. Before you glue the two fuselage parts together, place the upper wing and the propeller (the end of the brass fastener) between them. Press everything together firmly so that nothing can slide out.

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Step 8

Then glue the second wing and the elevator onto the bottom of the plane. Make sure that both wings are at the same height. The elevator is at the rear of the plane.

Step 9

Connect the wings with the wing struts. Carefully glue the paper strips between the upper and lower wings.

Step 10

So that the bi-plane is stable, glue the landing gear in a 'W' shape to the lower wing. Glue on the cut out wheels.

Step 11

Finally, stick the stars onto the wings and the tail fin and your bi-plane is ready for take off.

Tips and tricks:

Clever professionals only glue the backs of the wings together on the outer, upper edge. That creates a gap between the top and bottom side of the wing. It improves the planes flying. Try it out.

Tips & Tricks

To make sure the plane is stable enough we recommend printing the templates on a slightly thicker quality paper (80-100 g/²m).