Big Pirate Ship

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
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    Who`s crafting?
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Have you ever wondered what pirates do all day? When the pirates aren’t polishing their peg-legs or swabbing the decks, they sail the high seas in their trusty pirate ships, making their fortunes by robbing all the merchant ships they pass. But what do the pirates do with all that treasure? They bury it in a safe place and make a map, so that they can remember where they left it. Who knows how many islands hide a secret pirate treasure? In today’s project, we are going to build our own big pirate ship, equipped with a crew and cannons. This project is particularly fun when combined with the Pritt “Treasure Island” paper-crafting kit for kids. It is one of many great Pritt arts and craft sets that you can find in a store near you, for more swashbuckling adventures!


  • Print out the attached documents
  • 3 skewing sticks (25cm, 30 cm, 10 cm)
  • 50 cm of wool/string
  • 2 large pices of tin foil (30cm x 25 cm)


  • A handy Pritt Stick
  • Scissors




Step 1

First we cut out all the pirate ship images from the printed-out crafting templates.

Step 2

To build the big pirate ship, we start by gluing the two small brown pieces (8 & 9) to the tips of the ship bodies (5 & 4).

Step 3

Now fold along the dotted lines of the ship pieces.

Step 4

Glue the two bodies of the ship (4 & 5) to the base of the ship (7). Make sure that the body pieces run along the edge of the base. Use the picture for help.

Step 5

Now we glue the back of the ship in place. We take image 2 and glue it into place on the back of the ship, as seen in the picture.



Step 6

Next, glue the front of the ship together, while inserting a wooden stick (10 cm long). Do this by placing a thick line of glue along the front edge of the ship.  Then glue body piece 4 to body piece 5, so that image 9 and 8 are stuck together as well, with a wooden stick between the folds. Use the picture to help.

Step 7

To build the ship cabin (image 1), fold and glue the cabin into place as shown in the picture.

Step 8

Make holes in the deck (image 6) and each sail where the X's are shown. You can use your skewer stick to make the holes.

Step 9

We will use tinfoil to attach the 2 sticks to the ship. We take 2 large pieces of tinfoil (25 cm x 30 cm) and our 2 sticks (stick 1, 25 cm long, and stick 2, 30 cm long). We scrunch the tinfoil into a ball around the ends of each of the 2 sticks. We must then push the base of the tinfoil flat, as seen in the picture. Then we place a generous amount of Pritt glue on the base of the tin foil and glue both  to the base of the ship, on top of the circles, with the sticks sticking in the air through the deck (image 6), as seen in the picture.

Step 10

Slip a large sail (image 12) on to the longer back stick as shown in the picture, then slip the smaller plain black sail (image 11) on the same stick. Repeat on the shorter front stick using images 15 and 14.



Step 11

Fold the flag in half (image 13), then put glue on the white side of the flag and fold the flag around the tallest skewer stick

Step 12

Glue your string to the back of the ship. Then place glue on the string at the points where it will wrap around the sticks as show in the picture. This will make sure the string is glued into place.

Step 13

To make the crew, fold the pirates along the dotted lines. Then we use our handy Pritt glue stick to glue the bases of the pirates together. They should form a triangular shape, which can stand. Repeat with images 3 and 10.

Step 14

Now we are ready to set up your pirate ship. How will you arrange your crew? Use the picture for inspiration. We hope you have fun!

And that's it!

We hope you have lots of fun with your pirate ship.

We would love to see pictures of your pirate ship. You can ask your mum or dad to post pictures on our Facebook wall at “pritt world”.

Ask an adult to help with making holes in the sails and the deck