Island Royal Fort

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Have you ever pretended that you were a sailor in the royal navy, exploring the high seas in search of amazing new discoveries? Even the royal navy needs a place to rest, to work on their ships after battles with the pirates, collect supplies and get new sailors. When the brave exploring sailors find new land, they build a grand Royal Fort to defend it. In today’s project we are going to build a stone fort on an island, equipped with cannons and bombs. The two sailors would be a great addition to the crew of next royal ship that stops in port. This project is fun to play in combination with the Pritt “Royal Ship” paper-crafting kit for kids. It is one of many great Pritt arts and craft sets that you can find in a store near you, for even more high-seas excitement!


  • Print out the attached documents
  • Toothpick
  • A cardboard cereal box


  • A handy Pritt Stick
  • Scissors




Step 1

First we cut out all the island royal fort images from the printed-out crafting templates. Remember not to cut along the dotted lines around the door, but do cut the solid line.

Step 2

To make your island, glue the large island piece (image 1) down on the blue sea, then paste the smaller island (image 2) on to the larger island.

Step 3

To make the royal fort, take the two parts of the royal fort (images 4 and 5) and fold along all the dotted lines.

Step 4

Place some glue on the white tabs of the royal fort and stick the two parts together. All the white gluing tabs should be on the same side at the base of the fort. The fort should be folded and glued to form a square shape.

Step 5

Now we stick glue to the bottom of the royal fort and glue the fort onto the island.



Step 6

Fold the flag in half (image 6), and then put glue on the white side of the flag. Then place a toothpick into the centre fold and glue the two sides of the flag together. Now you have a little toothpick flag.

Step 7

To glue the flag to your royal island fort, place some glue on the bottom of the toothpick and glue it into a corner of the fort.

Step 8

To make the island grass (image 3), fold the sand-coloured part of the grass to a 90 ° angle. Then place glue along the white edge of the flaps. You can decorate you island by placing the grass however you like.

Step 9

To make the treasure box (image 7), fold the box along the dotted lines. Now we put glue on the coloured side of the tabs, and then glue the treasure box into shape.

Step 10

To make the crew (image 8), fold the sailors along the dotted lines. Then we use our handy Pritt glue stick to glue the bases of the sailors together. They should form a triangular shape, so that they can stand guard.

And that's it!

We hope you have lots of empire fun with your paper royal fort.

We would love to see pictures of your royal fort. You can ask your mum or dad to post pictures on our Facebook wall at “Prittworld”.

Ask an adult to help with cutting out the cardboad if needed