Pirate Ship

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    Difficulty Level
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    7 to 11 years
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Captain of the high seas

You want to experience unknown adventures and sail the seas as a pirate, just like the famous captain “blackbeard”? Then you need the right ship that can hold up against all kinds of weathers and foes. The instructions therefore you can find here.


  • shoe box
  • empty toilet roll
  • empty kitchen roll
  • chenille sticks in light brown, white and red
  • thick string
  • brown, yellow and blue craft paper
  • 1 sheet of black A4 paper
  • blue card
  • thick dark blue card


  • scissors
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue



Step 1

The shoe box forms the basic pirate ship. Cut a hole in one of the long sides that an empty toilet roll fits into - that will be the canon. Also cut a hole in the middle of the bottom. An empty kitchen roll will be fitted into that later to build the mast.

Step 2

Then cover the entire shoe box in Pritt PVA and stick brown paper on it. Do the same to the empty toilet and kitchen rolls. Then put the rolls into the holes and wrap the light brown chenille sticks around the mast.

Step 3

Then cut out the portholes from the yellow craft paper and dot around the edges - those are the screws. Stick a smaller blue circle on each of the portholes and then glue the finished ship's windows onto the sides of the box with Pritt PVA. Then fix the thick string around the edge of the ship to make the railing.

A red and white life ring made from chenille sticks is a great accessory, as is a small anchor.


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Step 4

But one of the most important things on a pirate ship: the sail with a skull and crossbones. Take a piece of black A4 in a portrait format and fold up the bottom right corner diagonally. It is best to leave a slight overlap on the left hand side to glue it. Then cut off the remainder at the top of the double layer triangle, fold over the overlap and glue it down.

Then stick a skull and crossbones on the finished flag (download the folding instructions and skull and crossbones template here). Now you can decorate the finished sail with red chenille sticks to add a special touch. Then just attach it to the mast and finished!

Step 5

The pirate ship is going to navigate the oceans, so you need some water and waves. Simply stick shells and waves made from thick card onto some blue card. Then decorate it with fish.

Step 6

Now you can place the ship in the middle and the adventure on the high seas can begin.