Good and evil alien space crafts

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    3 to 6 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
  • Theme
    Space & Science


  • Print out the attached documents


  • A handy Pritt Stick
  • Scissors


Did you ever wonder where all that stuff that is sold in the supermarket comes from? A lot of it comes from other countries over seas. The big question is how does all that stuff get over the sea. The answer is a container ship! There is a very large ship that can carry many metal boxes filled with stuff. The container ship sails from country to country, picking up and dropping off stuff. In todays project we are going to make a container ship from paper. For more ideas, remember to have a look at our other “paper city” projects, they are all super fun!


Step 1

First, cut out all parts of the good and evil alien space crafts along the solid lines.

Step 2

To make the aliens, fold the templates down the middle and fold the coloured blocks inwards. The figures are now triangular. Stick the two bottom tabs together using Pritt glue so that the aliens can stand up.

And that's it!


Have fun making and playing with your set of good and evil alien space crafts! If you would like to make some cool robots, astronauts and a matching moon landscape as well, take a look at our "How to make a robot and a space adventure" craft project! And you can explore other foreign planets with our rocket too.

Tipps & Tricks

To make the figures more stable, you can stick them onto a thin card or an empty cornflakes box before cutting them out. Then they will stand up really well.