Life in Space Infographic



Space is still a mystery for humans. Are there other life forms out there
apart from us?

- There are whole religions about UFOs and aliens.

- What do you imagine an alien to look like? Play out your
own story with our set of good and evil alien space crafts!



Satellites provide us with valuable data about the planets they orbit in space.

- The first satellite was sent into space in 1957 – the Soviet Sputnik 1.

- We show you how you can make your own satellite out of paper!  



- If you are travelling fast in a spaceship, you age more slowly than people on Earth in the same period of time.

- Maybe the spaceship will zoom past your handmade space station? Get crafting!hip



People have been flying into space since the 1960s.

- Before humans, a dog called Laika was the first living thing to be sent into space.

- Think up your own space comic in our comic creator!  

Milky Way

The Milky Way is a collection of billions of stars and planets
(including the Sun and Earth).

- It is also called a "galaxy".

- If you look into the night sky, it looks a bit like somebody
has spilt some milk. That is where the name comes from.
Take a closer look!

- Make a rocket here to send
Mr. Pritt into the Milky Way!

Shooting star


When meteoroids (small pieces) enter the Earth's atmosphere
from space, they burn up - you see it as a shooting star.

- People say that when you see a shooting star you are allowed to make one wish.

- Sometimes you can see real "meteorite showers".