Frankenstein's Laboratory papercraft

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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Papercraft materials:

  • Download & print the templates (click below)
  • 1 toothpick
  • String
  • Empty cereal box (or other thin card)


  • Pritt glue stick
  • Pritt Liquid Glue (for all parts other than paper)
  • Scissors

Papercraft backstory:

Spooky things are going on in this Frankenstein's Laboratory papercraft. Discover the secret experiments in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory now! You have certainly heard the name Frankenstein before, haven't you? However, Frankenstein is not the monster, as many believe, but the scientist who created it: Dr. Frankenstein. In the novel that tells his story, he wants to create an artificial human being. He assembles it from various body parts and brings it to life with electricity - the result is Frankenstein's monster. Build your own Frankenstein's Laboratory and think up how the story continues!

Papercraft instructions:

Step 1

For your Frankenstein's Laboratory papercraft, you first cut out parts 1a and 1b. Stick the unprinted sides together and fold the template along all dotted lines. This is going to be the rear wall of the lower floor. Do the same with parts 2a and 2b. This part is the left wall of the lower floor. Repeat the steps with parts 3a and 3b, which are the walls for the secret basement.

Step 2

Then cut out the floor for the lower floor (parts 4a and 4b). Stick the individual parts onto thin cardboard to make it more stable and connect them using the tabs.

Step 3

First, stick the large rear wall onto the floor using the tabs to sit flush with the larger part of the floor (4a). Now fix the left wall to the rear wall of your Frankenstein's Laboratory papercraft. Do the secret basement next: Apply a generous amount of Pritt glue to the bottom and side tabs and stick it onto the smaller part of the floor.

Step 4

Now it's time for the floor of the upper level. Cut out parts 5a and 5b and stick them onto cardboard. You'll find a trap door on part 5a. Carefully pierce it on the solid, white line with the scissors and cut along it. Then connect parts 5a and 5b using the tabs as well. Apply a generous amount of Pritt glue to the top tabs of the walls of the lower floor and put the floor on top of them.



Step 5

Now you are crafting the upper floor of Frankenstein's Laboratory. Do the main part first: 6a is the inside and 6b is the outside. Stick them together and fold them along the dotted lines. Afterwards, fold the smaller, left part at a 90 degree angle to the main part. To fix it, apply glue to both top tabs and stick them each to the inner side of the folded roof.
The right wall is still missing (parts 7a and 7b). Stick them together on the unprinted sides. Apply glue to both top tabs – and to the right tab of the large main part. Fix the right wall to the main part.
Now fix the wall to the upper floor of your Frankensteins laboratory papercraft.

Step 6

For the balustrade you then have to stick together parts 8a and 8b. Apply a generous amount of Pritt glue to the tabs and stick the balustrade around the free part of the floor (5b) and fix it to the wall.

Step 7

Now you are crafting the towers, which supply Frankenstein's laboratory with power. Cut out parts 9 and 10 and fold them. In addition, trim two long strings, which lead as wires or cords from the towers into the Lab. Next, apply Pritt glue to all tabs of the towers and put one end of one string into the bottom end of each tower. Fold and stick the towers together. When everything has dried you can stick the towers to the sides of your Frankenstein's Laboratory papercraft.

Step 8

For the genius monster machine of the mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein, cut out parts 11 and 12. In the marked place, carefully pierce two holes into part 11 with a toothpick - there you can later connect your cables from the towers. Fold the machine along all dotted lines.
Afterwards, fold the switch for the machine (part 12) in the middle. Stick the unprinted sides together and fix the lever with the tab in the middle of the monster machine. You can now plug in the "cables" leading away from your towers to supply your machine with power. Apply Pritt glue to all tabs of part 11 and fix them to the back wall of the secret room.



Step 9

The book shelf (part 13) should be done the same way as the monster machine.

Step 10

Now the figures are still missing: Cut out parts 14 and 15, fold them both in the middle and fold the coloured blocks inwards. Stick both bottom tabs together with glue so they stand solid.

Step 11

For the ladder, cut out parts 16a and 16b and stick them together on the white sides.

Step 12

Frankenstein's Monster consists of a body (part 17) and a head (part 18). Cut out both parts and very carefully pierce a hole in the middle of each spot marked with an X with a toothpick. Fold both parts along the dotted lines and apply a generous amount of Pritt glue to all tabs. Fold them together to two cubes and fix them.
You connect the body and head with a toothpick you stick into both holes. Trim the toothpick so that the head sits flush on the body. This way, Frankenstein's monster can even turn its head into all directions.

And that's it!

Your Frankensteins laboratory papercraft is complete; the funny monster, which can turn its head, is alive! What mood is the monster in today? Choose the right facial expression. Maybe you already have come up with a new project for Dr. Frankenstein's monster machine? Or are the Doctor and his monster visiting the cool ghost party in haunted house, which you can find in our other crafting projects on the monster topic? There are no limits to your imagination!

If you like you can also stick the figures in Frankenstein's laboratory onto thin cardboard. This way they will be more stable.