Ghost Party Papercraft

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
  • Theme

Papercraft materials:

  • Download & print the template (click below)
  • Piece of string
  • Piece of aluminium foil
  • Empty cereal box (or other thin card)


  • Pritt glue stick
  • Pritt Liquid Glue (for all parts other than paper)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Papercraft backstory:

Frankenstein's monster, ghost cat, mummy and scary ghosts: They have all come together for a big ghost party in the haunted house. Cool music, spooky green lights and a sparkling disco ball ensure the perfect atmosphere. Cobwebs and glowing eyes watching the ghost party from the dark are part of it too, of course. Are you in? Then make our Ghost Party papercraft and let your hair down!

Papercraft instructions:

Step 1

To craft the spooky haunted house for your Ghost Party papercraft, first cut out parts 1a and 1b along the solid line and stick them together with the printed sides facing outwards. This part is the long side of the roof of the haunted house. Now, fold it "inwards" along the dotted line, i.e. toward the side with the party decoration.

Step 2

Next, cut out parts 2a and 2b, and 3a and 3b, and stick them together.Fold these inwards along the dotted lines. These will become the sides of the roof.
Also cut out parts 4 and 5, which are the floors for the ground floor and the attic of the house. Stick them onto a piece of cardboard or the empty cereal box, so it is more stable.

Step 3

Next for the side walls of the house: Cut out parts 6a and 6b along the solid lines and apply Pritt glue to the unprinted sides to stick them together. Then do the same with parts 7a and b. Fold the three tabs along the dotted lines

Step 4

The front of the house consists of parts 8a and 8b. Cut them out and stick them together. To open the door, cut along the thicker line of it, but only to the end of this thick line. To let the guests in, you fold the door outwards. On the front, fold the marked tabs inwards.



Step 5

Next, cut out parts 9a and 9b and stick them together with your Pritt glue. This will be the partition wall on the ground floor of your Ghost Party papercraft.

Step 6

Now the haunted house will be put together. Stick both side walls to the side of the front wall. Apply glue to the bottom tabs of the walls and assemble them with the floor. Now stick the partition wall to the floor and the front wall. Look at the picture for guidance.

Step 7

Stick the floor for the attic on top of your basic structure so that only the roof of your Ghost Party papercraft is missing. First, apply Pritt glue to all tabs of the side roof walls. Then fix them to the upper floor; the side tab pointing to the front.
Then, also apply a generous amount of Pritt glue to all tabs along the long roof wall. Then, put it on the floor at the front side of the house, and connect it with the side walls.

Step 8

To build the porch, next cut out parts 10a and 10b, 11a and 11b, 12, 13, and 14 along the solid lines. When cutting out the two wooden columns (parts 13 and 14), make sure you also cut in the solid lines between the glue symbols.
First attach the roof of the porch (part 12): Apply a sufficient amount of Pritt glue on the long tab and stick the porch roof to the house.



Step 9

For the two timber beams, fold the template along all dotted lines. Then, apply glue to all tabs and stick them together so the beams are closed.

Step 10

To craft the fences of your Ghost Party papercraft, you cut out parts 10a and b, and 11a and b and stick the unprinted sides together. Then, fix them each with one side to the house and with the other to one of the wooden columns. But first apply a layer of glue to the top of the timber beams so you can fix them to the house. This way you only have to push them gently under the porch roof to attach it.

Step 11

To create a comfy couch, cut out parts 15a and 15b. To make the seat, apply Pritt glue to the tabs, roll the part up in to a box shape; only both of the outer tabs will stick out. Then fold part 15b in the middle, apply glue to the backside and stick both sides together.
Fold the dotted side parts and put the couch together: For the seat (part 15a), the "patterned" area should point to the front and the upholstered part should face upwards; for the backrest (part 15b), the upholstered part also points to the front.

Step 12

For the DJ's system, cut out part 16, fold it, apply a bit of Pritt glue to the tabs and roll-up the template to make a closed box.



Step 13

To add some guests to your Ghost Party papercraft, cut out parts 17-22. Fold them each in the middle and fold the coloured blocks inwards. Stick both bottom tabs together with glue so your ghost guests stand solid. You can craft the spotlight (part 23) the same way.

Step 14

To decorate the haunted house with colourful displays, cut two pieces of string (each ca. 18-20 cm). You can measure the length with a ruler. In addition, cut out all parts with the number 24 and fold them in the middle along the dotted line. Then apply glue to one side of each of them, put the double triangles on top of the string and stick them together this way, so that a coloured triangle is visible on both sides.

Step 15

To fix them you use the small strips (parts 25-28). Fold them each at the marked place in half and apply glue to them. Then you hang up one decoration at the front of the porch roof and one at the rear to the floor of the 1st floor.

Step 16

For a sparkling disco ball to decorate your Ghost Party papercraft, you will need a short piece of string (approx. 5-6 cm), a bit of aluminium foil and part 29 to fix it. Put one end of the string on the aluminium foil and scrunch it up to a ball so the string is stuck in the ball. Using the brown strip (part 29), stick the disco ball to the rear side of the roof.

And that's it!

Now you have all parts together for a colourful ghost party - build everything up how you like it! Does the mummy maybe dance with the ghost cat? Or does the ghost girl meet Frankenstein's monster on the couch? At this ghost party you're the boss! Enjoy crafting and playing with your Ghost Party papercraft. Also have a look at our other crafting ideas around the monster theme - maybe you'll find more funny guests for your party there!

You can, of course, craft more than two garlands for your ghost party. Simply print off the pages with the individual parts again and you can create more colourful garlands!