Rabbit Box

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    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    7 to 11 years
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    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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Fun packaging for Easter eggs and other goodies

At Easter you have two options. Option 1: you get lucky and the Easter bunny brings you sweets and maybe even small gifts. Option 2: you become the Easter bunny yourself and surprise your family with sweets and maybe even small gifts. No matter whether you choose option 1 or 2 – in any case you need a box with bunny ears.


  • mini photo paper
  • natural bast
  • joggle eyes
  • Pritt Original Stick


  • pencil
  • felt tip pens
  • scissors
  • hole punch



For parents/adults:

Enlarge the template on a photocopier. Then the children can make the different sized bags.

Step 1

Print out the template and place it on the back side of the printed card. Trace all of the lines with a sharp pencil. The lines show up particularly well if you put a couple of layers of newspaper underneath.

Step 2

Cut out the outline. Then punch the holes marked.

Step 3

Then fold along all of the dotted lines. Then place the figure with the back to you. Fold the left side, the middle lines and the right side into the middle. Then fold along the lines at the base. It is easier to fold along the lines if you score them beforehand with a ruler and the point of some scissors.


Page 3



Step 4

Then fold the side pieces together and carefully glue the tabs. Then fold the base pieces together and glue them together, too.

Step 5

Then stick the joggle eyes on. Draw the mouth on with a felt tip pen.

Step 6

Then fill the bag, thread a ribbon through the holes, tie it, done!

Tips and tricks:

You can make nice Easter decorative grass from old magazines. Either shred or cut the pages into thin strips with a pair of scissors.