Grow your own plants!

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    3 to 6 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
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Do you know how plants grow? In this great project, we will learn how to grow plants from seeds you can find in your kitchen. Did you know that many fruits and vegetables have plant seeds in them? That means if you plant them, they will grow into more plants! Growing plants isn’t hard. It just takes care and a little patience. We will show you step-by-step how to grow plants right in your own paper greenhouse. You can measure how much your plants grow with the measuring bar on the greenhouse. How many days does it take your plants to grow 3 cm?  For more fun, remember to have a look at our other projects! Aren’t plants amazing? 


  • Print out the attached documents
  • Seeds pepper grass.
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Cotton wool


  • A handy Pritt Stick
  • Scissors
  • Paint or crayons or pencils or all 3




Step 1

Colour in all the pictures on the printed-out crafting templates.  

Step 2

When you’re happy with your colour combinations, you can cut out all the images. Make sure not to cut the border of the greenhouse! When all the objects are cut out, fold the largest piece in half. This is the body of your greenhouse.

Step 3

Wet the cotton wool with a generous amount of water and then squeeze out the excess. We suggest doing this over a basin!

Step 4

Push the seed you found in your kitchen into the cotton wool. We chose to grow garden cress. What are you growing? When you have planted the seeds, place the damp cotton wool in the base of your clear plastic bag. The plastic bag makes the windows of the greenhouse.

Step 5

Position the bag so that the cotton is in the cut out window. Fold the sides of the bag so that it fits between the folds of the greenhouse body. Then place a generous amount of Pritt glue onto the inside of the greenhouse body.  



Step 6

Now we position the clear plastic between the folds and glue it into place.

Step 7

We decorated our greenhouse with the extra smaller images that we coloured in and cut out. How will you decorate your greenhouse? Use the picture for inspiration!

Step 8

The final step is to glue the bag to a window, where you plant can get lots of light.

Tip: When you are finished, use a warm cloth to wipe the Pritt glue off of the glass. It comes off easily with warm water!

Step 9

Now we are ready to grow our plants. Remember to watch how fast they grow using the measuring bar!  

And that's it!

We hope you have lots of fun making a green house.

We would love to see pictures of the planst that you grow. You can ask your mum or dad to post pictures on our Facebook wall at “Prittworld”. 

This is a great project for the Green Pritt glue stick. We also recommend you ask an adult to help find some seed that would grow.