Home Story with: Gordon

Name: Gordon
Nationality: South-Africa
Occupation: Marketing and Product development for a children’s toy company
Hobbies: reading, skiing, cooking, crafting and running

Questions about crafts:

Why do you enjoy crafts so much?

I like working with my hands and coming up with solutions to problems that sometime arise while crafting. I like using materials in innovative new kinds of ways. I get a kick when people say: I never thought that would work.

Who do you do crafts with and for what occasions?

I develop toys for a toy manufacturer, so I craft for a living. I craft with work colleges, with children and by myself. At work, we craft and work on prototypes for several weeks, then it comes to product testing with the kids. I get the most joy when we show the kids our toys for the first time. You can see that look on their faces: I want one!

How do you come up with the ideas?

I think of current cultural themes or topics that are of high interest in the popular culture. Then I develop an idea or concept around the theme with a story that can be attached to the product. Then I pull out a pencil and paper to draw my idea. And afterwards, I pull out my Pritt glue stick, scissors, ruler, some paper and start building prototypes.

What are your favourite materials and why?

My favorite materials are standard printing paper, a pencil, a ruler and a Pritt glue stick.  With these tools and materials I can build all sorts of fun and useful stuff.

Tell us what your favourite thing is to make and why you like it so much.

My favorite project that I have build so far is a paper robot with moving arms, legs head and mouth. He was very cool! I got the idea from a friend of mine who had a little robot that he got in Japan. I wanted to have one too, so I built my own. I used standard printing paper, a pencil, a ruler and a Pritt glue stick. The cool thing was that at the end I could build seven robots and my friend only had one. So I had the bigger robot army.