Home Story with: Lisa

Name: Lisa
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Crafting specialist for a children´s toy manufacturer
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, DIY

Questions about crafts:

Why do you enjoy crafts so much?

I find it fascinating to imagine how something completely new can be created out of many different materials. During the process of crafting, I enjoy changing my prior plans and producing a different result, one which is always a surprise and which I couldn’t envision before. I love the fact that there are no rules, just imagination!

Who do you do crafts with and for what occasions?

I have several favourite crafting occasions. Firstly I love crafting with kids, especially with my two little nieces. We like to use everything we can find in the house to create funny cardboard games and toys. Other than that I really enjoy crafting presents for my friends.

How do you come up with the ideas?

The internet is an endless source of inspiration for me. I love looking at crafting blogs and pictures and then developing my own ideas and individual projects. I also like to get inspired by nature: there are so many materials to be found in the forest, which can be used to create wonderful, unique projects.

What are your favourite materials and why?

I like to use the same basic materials with every crafting project I do: paper, my Pritt glue stick and water colours. Apart from that, I always try out new materials and glue many different materials to the basis, like leaves, cotton or wood.

Tell us what your favourite thing is to make and why you like it so much.

My favorite crafting project so far was a fairy costume I crafted with my niece. I loved how we mixed our ideas and created a very special costume for her. The best part about it was watching her trying it on and being happy and excited about it!