Home Story with: Pia

Name: Pia
Nationality: German
Occupation: Marketing Manager for a children´s toy manufacturer
Hobbies: Traveling, reading, and outdoor activities

Questions about crafts:

Why do you enjoy crafts so much?

I enjoy crafting because it allows me get creative and use my hands. I love combining and gluing together all sorts of different materials like clay, feathers, or felt, which I wouldn’t usually come into contact with otherwise. Arts and crafts are also a way for me to relax and let go of the day. Self-made crafting projects also make very sincere gifts – the best kind in my opinion.

Who do you do crafts with and for what occasions?

Getting creative with kids is the best. I am lucky enough to have younger nieces and nephews who enjoy arts and crafts just as much as I do. We use every possible occasion to get together and just create! This usually happens around holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. But I also enjoy doing arts and crafts alone at home.

How do you come up with the ideas?

I often use the Internet for inspiration. There are so many great sources and projects out there just waiting to be reinvented! The best part is that most of the websites and blogs are absolutely free. The Pritt website is a great source, for example, and is one that I often use to find new ideas. Of course the younger members of my family often have creative ideas which we like to try out as well.

What are your favourite materials and why?

I usually try to find fun looking projects that can be made using glue and recycled materials that are freely available in the home or outside in nature. There is something very rewarding about gluing together materials and creating great projects out of so-called trash. It involves a lot of creativity and gives a new value and look to things you’d never imagine could be anything special. It’s also a great way of minimizing waste by recycling.

Tell us what your favourite thing is to make and why you like it so much.

I love projects that involve gluing corks from old bottles of wine together. You can create letters of the alphabet, small animals, corkboards – the possibilities are endless!