Creativity education for children: Pega y Crea Interactive Centre in Mexico

Pritt strives to have a tangible impact on the development of creativity education for children.

But why is creativity important?

In our competitive world, creativity is one of the key determinants of success in children. Creativity goes hand in hand with education and innovation. It enables leaders to think outside the box and to find solutions to complex problems. These skills and qualities are highly valued and sought after by employers worldwide. The earlier children start using their creativity and imagination, the better they will be able to use these skills as adults.

The “Pega y Crea" (Paste and Create) Interactive Centre in Mexico is a wonderful example of how Pritt and local partners, parents, teachers, and the local Ministry of Education teamed up to successfully create a space where children can explore their creativity and develop their skills. Furthermore, the centre provides an ideal opportunity for bonding between children and their teachers in a safe environment. This experience happens outside the normal school environment, which gives both teachers and children an exciting and extraordinary opportunity to develop their ability to interact within a group. Mutual trust and respect between teachers and students is the basis for a healthy and successful learning experience.

Last year alone 74,000 Mexican children visited the “Pega y Crea” Interactive Centre. The class groups where guided by specially trained experts. The school groups experienced the joy of taking a class trip to a place where they were able to unleash their creativity in various crafting projects and participate in specially developed, interactive and educational games. They learned how to make a real Pritt glue stick and their physical abilities were challenged in a specially built maze. All of the activities at the centre are designed to stimulate the development of creativity, imagination, and natural curiosity in children.
Pritt strives to deliver sustainable development and support to local communities and to give real value and joy to the lives of the people that its products touch.

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