Crafting & digital media

It has never been easier to find information and inspiration on the web. Children who are able to navigate the Internet using its search tools with ease are getting younger and younger. It’s no rarity to see toddlers who can barely walk busily touch screening daddy’s iPad in restaurants and kids car seats to keep the boredom at bay.

The early development of EDP skills will be invaluable to tomorrow’s work force and learning how to cleverly combine the use of digital media and learning by creative crafting should be a top priority in the education of today’s school age generation. Regular arts and crafts activities not only help children train important developmental skills such as emotion, cognition, coordination and social skills but they also promote self-confidence.

Educators and parents need to encourage children to use their initiative to search the web and its digital media for interesting arts and crafts projects, which they can potentially complete on their own. This not only allows young Internet users to gain confidence in finding their way around digital media, it also fosters pride in their ability to successfully find and carry out an arts and crafts project independently.

Today’s digital media offers a wide range of arts and crafts to choose from - from free downloadable printouts to art ideas from creative blogs.  There is an arts ad crafts style and project that caters to every taste and want and we need to ensure our children take advantage of this world of digital creativity.  

This is why we at Pritt, are proud to present the large range of educational crafting projects that we feature on our website.