Developing team-work
skills in children

Encouraging children to craft in playgroups is a great way to foster and train team-working skills. Teamwork is a very important part of every day life. Collaboration, cooperation and communication are all important skills, which do not always get enough emphasis in the classroom.  We would encourage children to work on crafting projects in playgroups as to develop these skills. The main teamwork skill, which will be developed are general communication skills. The children will have to communicate their ideas to other children, they will have to express their feelings and emotions, the children would have to listen to the thoughts and ideas of the others and they will have to ask questions about ideas and emissions. In order to work together, the children would need to communicate as a team.

How to set up a collaborative crafting playgroup?

We suggest groups of between 2 - 4 children, of roughly the same age. We have found more complex projects work best for collaborative work. The project should be hard enough, that one child would find it very difficult to do by themselves, but not so hard that the group would not be able to complete the project without parental help. It is important that a parent or adult act as a facilitator. The facilitator makes sure that the children play together and do not leave any one out. The facilitator should not help in making the project, but can give advice. The most important role of a facilitator is helping clarify miscommunications between the group of children and to make sure all group members listen to each other.

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