Lookout, there's a box on its way!

When you hear the word "box" you probably think of giant removal boxes or large packaging from the furniture store. You can make great things out of both. For example, a doll's house, a garage or a real-size family portrait.
Don't worry, cardboard also comes in smaller sizes that you can use to make something out of. We would like to give you a few ideas.

Craft cardboard for trinket boxes, greetings cards or calendars

"Craft cardboard" is a very robust type of card, and is almost twice as thick as craft paper (200 to 300 g/sq m). Craft cardboard is generally acid free and doesn't fade. That means that colours also won't fade over time.
Craft cardboard is coated on either one or both sides, either single-coloured or patterned. It can be used to make lots of things, for instance trinket boxes, greetings cards or calendars.

The ideal material for Christmas crafts: corrugated card

As the name suggests, "corrugated card" is grooved or wavy. It is thin but robust at the same time. That's why it is great for making present packaging or candle holders. Corrugated card is available in many colours, sometimes with an additional coating, e.g. silver and gold. The ideal material for crafts at Christmas: whether for cutting out stars for the Christmas tree, Christmas wreath or for decorating gift wrap.
Make sure that you always stick it down on the smooth side.

Photo paper: a good paper for acrylic colours

"Photo paper" was originally developed for printing out and sticking photos on it. Nowadays, it is also used a lot for crafts. Good photo paper is acid free and resistant to ageing and light. It is available in lots of beautiful colours, both single colours as well as patterned, and comes in individual sheets or photo paper pads. Photo paper can be easily cut into whatever shape you like using scissors. It is best to use craft glue for sticking things on it.

You can not only make photo albums and scrapbooks with photo paper, you can also make figurines, invitation cards, name cards, trinket boxes and much more. Blank photo paper is a good base for painting with acrylic paints or for drawing.

Grey board and Bristol board

"Grey board" is grey because it is made from 100% recycled paper. It is especially robust because its thickness ranges from 0.5 to 2 mm. That is why it is often used for book binding and for models. And what model builders can do, young craft artists can do better. Why not build a city with houses and skyscrapers?

"Bristol board" is made from at least three layers of paper. The middle layer is usually made from wood based recycled materials. Bristol board is very rigid and robust. The edges are generally white. It is available in a matt or shiny finish in white or natural white, black and grey. Its thickness range from 250 to 920 g/m². The thickest shorts are particularly popular for making mounts. Because the edges are white, they can also be cut diagonally as is common for mounts.