Nature, Household & Rubbish

Nature, household and rubbish: a treasure chest of craft ideas

You can find a list of the materials that you need for each of our craft ideas. And as with many other topics, the same applies here: "the artists' mothers should be prepared" and collect, hoard and keep hold of everything that the little artists could use. It is well known that creativity knows no bounds, and the same can be said about materials. You can use everything that you find in the household, in nature and even in the rubbish.

There are many hidden craft gems around the house

Look at your surroundings through the eyes of an artist and check everything for its potential to become a work of art! There are loads of treasures just lying around the household:

  • cotton wool balls are clouds,
  • skewers are ships' masts,
  • paper bags become lanterns,
  • paper plates can be transformed into warning signs,
  • left over wool is hair,
  • lentils and pulses can be used in mosaics
  • and raw potatoes can be used for printing.

Recycling is fun and makes sense

But not only that! Many things that we throw away without a care can often be the basis for exciting craft afternoons. Empty kitchen rolls soon become a telescope, a broken CD a UFO, and left over fabric can be turned into a pirate flag. Children then also learn that a lot of things can be reused and that recycling is both fun and sensible.

Our list serves as a reminder about which "rubbish" can still be used for creative purposes:

  • food tins or cans with lids
  • blank CDs
  • cardboard, egg boxes, shoe boxes, milk and juice cartons
  • kitchen and toilet rolls
  • paper cups
  • champagne and wine corks
  • newspaper and wrapping paper
  • adhesive tape rolls
  • magazines  
  • left over wool and fabric
  • boxes
  • plastic and glass bottles

Nature offers all sorts of craft materials

If your little artist isn't lacking materials but rather inspiration, why not take a walk outdoors! Nature offers lots of things that can be used later for crafts. The best ideas come into their heads while collecting leafs, twigs and pine cones: decorations or small gifts. Stones, sand and shells from the river bank and the beach can become valuable precious stones once they have been turned into jewellery. In autumn, chestnuts, acorns and nuts become great craft materials.

Here is a list of just some craft materials that you can find outdoors in the nature:

  • leaves, sticks and twigs
  • pine cones and bark
  • stones and pebbles
  • sand and shells
  • chestnuts, acorns and nuts
  • flowers, grass, straw and grains