Chromatic cube (8-9 years old)

  • Core Competencies:
    1. Cultural and artistic competence
    2. Competence of learning to learn
  • Area of Knowledge: Arts Education




Create a geometric chromatic cube.


  • Knowing the chromatic range of the main colours.
  • Construct a geometric cube.
  • Experiment with colours.



White cardboard, pencil, ruler, Power Pritt Stick, tempera, brushes.


1 hour.

Step by step:


Step 1

Ask your students to build a cube using the template. Then, using a pencil and ruler, divide all sides into 4 rows and 4 equal columns in total on each side. In total on each face there should be 12 squares drawn out. To make the chromatic cube you have to mix the colours in order to obtain the right colours for each square.

Step 2

Cut out the template.

Step 3

To make the 3D cube fold over each of the faces.

Step 4

Once folded, glue the ends of the cube with Pritt Stick and there you have the finished chromatic cube.

Extension Activity

To extend the activity, continue experimenting with the colours using all possible colour-contrast variations and combinations. You can use different material such as glass or papier maché.