Mandala (6-7 years old)

  • Core Competencies: 1. Foreign culture, art
  • Area of Knowledge: Arts



  • Explore patterns
  • Create a symbol and explain what it may mean


  • Observation and sensory exploration of the elements present in the natural, artificial and artistic environment.
  • Seeking natural and artificial sensory textures, qualities and possibilities using organic and inorganic materials.



organic and inorganic materials, cardboard, scissors, Pritt Stick, brush and varnish.


1 hour

Step by Step:


Step 1

Use white cardboard as the base and stick on the newspaper using Pritt Stick.

Step 2

Next paint the paper using artistic techniques or dripping.  In order to do this, wet the brush with the paint and let it drip onto the paper surface. Try to create a pattern whilst doing this – you could make your own pattern or attempt to recreate a famous one.

Step 3

Once the paint is dry, cut the paper into the shape of a sphere. To add a few decorative touches to it, cut away at different points of the paper.

Step 4

Finally glue a wooden stick onto the creation using Pritt Stick.

Extention Activity

Mandalas allow you to regain balance, self-knowledge (creative intuition and interpretation of their own creations); tranquility and inner calm (concentration and forgetting problems) needed to live in harmony. To continue working with relaxation techniques, we ask our students to stretch out on the floor, turn off the lights, put on some relaxing music, and describe places like the beach or the countryside and imagine them with closed eyes.