Picasso (10-11 years old)

  • Core competencies: 1. Cultural and artistic
  • Area of Knowledge: Arts Education




Create a self-portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso.


  • to know some of Pablo Picasso’s other work.
  • Use different techniques to compose own productions.



Magazines with pictures, scissors, white cardboard, Pritt Stick, wax.


1 hour

Step by Step:

Step 1

Look at the painting "Tête de femme" by Picasso. Make a list of the most distinctive features of this portrait. 

Step 2

Now, we will put together a self-portrait. In order to do this draw the different parts of the face onto card in different colours, following the same line as followed by Picasso in his portrait.

Step 3

Once all the face parts have been made, cut them out. 

Step 4

Next, apply Pritt Stick to all of the elements.

Step 5

Finally, glue all the elements creating our own self-portrait.

Extension Activity:

To continue studying the works of Picasso and other Cubist painters, visit an art exhibition with your class, so you can appreciate different expressions of this style.