Advertising Poster 3D (10-11 years old)

  • Core competencies: 1. English, art
  • Area of Knowledge: Arts




To create a 3D billboard .


  • to find out about the history of advertising posters
  • to learn about the most important aspects of a commercial poster
  • Enhancing creativity and imagination.


Analysis and assessment of the communicative intention of images in the media and technology of information and communication.

  • Manipulation of materials for suitability for purpose and applying the findings to the visual representations.
  • Creating your own documents of artistic communication as posters or guides.



White A3 cardboard, pencil, newspaper, toilet paper, glue stick, PVA, water, paints, brushes and felt tips.


1 hour

Step by Step:

Step 1  

Show this poster of Toulouse-Lautrec to students. Then search on the internet for other famous billboards of different brands and objects. After doing this you will now make your own 3D poster. To begin, find
an object or brand you want to advertise.

Step 2

On card, draw a design using a pencil.  To make it striking you could use a slogan or bold drawings When all the objects have been drawn, cut them out. 

Step 3

Once the drawing has been completed, add volume to the objects by sticking layers of cardboard onto each object with PVA glue.

Step 4

Now stick the newspaper onto the objects, so they become more rigid. Use a brush and a mixture of water and glue. 

Step 5

Finally, make the frame’s support using different colours of A3 cardboard. Once the elements are dry, stick them onto the support and your poster is finished.  

Extension Activity

To continue studying about the advertising world, get your students to make a poster using photography as art or even creating newspaper or internet adverts.