Sculpture (8-9 years old)

  • Core competencies:
    1. Competence in linguistic communication
    2. Social competence and citizenship
  • Knowledge area: English and writing




Create a sculpture to express social reality.


  • Learn to express yourself through writing.
  • Use graphics.
  • Enhancing creativity and imagination.



hard boiled eggs, foam sheets, colouring pens, Pritt Sticky Tac and Power Pritt Stick


1 hour

Step by Step:

Step 1

Start off by showing students this sculpture by Joan Miró. Then open a debate on what this statue represents. After finishing the discussion, show students a few of the materials and suggest you make a sculpture with them, something which means something to them or of the society in general. To do this, before starting they should convey in writing what they want the sculpture to represent. 

Step 2

Once the main ideas have been written down, proceed with the construction and decoration of the sculpture.

Step 3

Decorate the eggs using colouring pens. 

Step 4

Then use Pritt Sticky Tac to add elements to the eggs such as legs or arms.

Step 5

Finally use the foam sheets and Power Pritt Stick to build a globe of the world. With Pritt Sticky Tac put the decorated eggs on top of the world globe you have just created.

Extension Activity

To continue working on this activity, ask families to come to class one afternoon, and get students to present their sculptures with a brief oral presentation.