Theatre (6-7 years old)

  • Core competencies: 1. English Literature,
    Theatre, Art
  • Area of Knowledge: Art




Create theatre masks representing an emotion.



card, crayons, paint, scissors, Pritt Stick


1 hour.

Step by Step:


Step 1

To start the activity, give out the card - 4 ½ pieces to each student

Step 2

Draw the outline of a face on one piece of card. Then on the other cards, draw different facial expressions to represent different emotions, you can make different types of mouth, eyebrows, eyes, nose, etc.

Step 3

To continue, cut out the different expressions that have been drawn. To make the theatre mask, using Pritt Multitack, stick on the elemnts of the face. You can then change the position of these on the face or swap them with other parts to create different facial expressions which show different emotions.  

Step 4

Using Universal Pritt Stick, glue the theatrical mask onto a wooden stick.

Extension activity

To extend the activity you can make a play, dividing the class into groups. Each one has to write the script for their play where the characters experience four different emotions. Once finished doing the scripts, each group of students should improvise their scene with classroom material and act out the theatrical performance to peers.