Christmas tree (6-7 years old)

  • Core competencies: 1. Communication
    skills, autonomy and social initiative
  • Knowledge area: Foreign language



Communication skills working through the use of language as means of oral and written communication, representation, interpretation and understanding of reality, construction and communication of knowledge.

Autonomy and personal initiative is put into practice using social skills to work interact, cooperate and work together.



To create a Christmas tree


  • Learn about the theme of Christmas
  • Improve spoken English.
  • Encourage imagination and creativity.



Cardboard, toilet roll tubes, tissue paper, Pritt Stick, Pritt All Purpose Glue and Pritt Sticky Tac


2 hours

Step by Step:

Divide the class into 4 groups. Each group should research and discuss how trees have become a symbol of Christmas, and then give a short presentation to the rest of the class to show what they have found. They can also present the Christmas trees that they have made at this time.

Step 1

Draw decorative shapes on the cardboard and cut them out.

Step 2

Using Pritt Stick, cover the toilet roll tubes with tissue paper – some with green tissue and some with brown for the tree’s trunk

Step 3

To build the tree, arrange the toilet roll tubes into a pyramid shape and stick them together using Pritt All Purpose Glue

Step 4

Finally, using Pritt Sticky Tac, stick the decorative items on to the tree. There you have your recycled ChristmasTree.

Extension activity:

To continue working on the Christmas theme, you can create gifts using recycled materials from around the classroom to put around the tree.