Halloween (10-11 years old)

  • Core competencies 1. Competence in
    linguistic communication
  • Knowledge area: Foreign language



Competency in linguistic communication is established through the learning of English as a foreign language, to communicate, and thereby enrich social relations and develop in contexts other than their own.



To find out about Halloween.


  • Learn about traditional Halloween activities
  • Learn to create your own productions.
  • Encouraging creativity.
  • Interest in using a foreign language in various situations.
  • Recognition and learn basic forms of socializing in the target language.
  • Receptive attitude towards people who speak another language and who have a different culture to their own.



Paper bag, green paint, brushes, white and black cardboard, pencil, scissors, Pritt Stick, black marker.


1 hour

Step by Step:


Step 1

To make Frankenstein’s fringe, use yellow card. Draw the fringe, using a border of triangles. For the eyes use white card, drawing two circles 5cm in diameter, and blue card for the pupils, drawing two circles 2cm in diameter Finally, for the mouth use red and lilac card to make the scars.

Step 2

Then cut out all the drawn items.

Step 3

Then stick all of this onto the face of the paper bag.  

Step 4

To finish, make a hole in the top of the bag to create a handle.

Extension Activity

To continue working on Halloween, explain the origin of the celebration to students and how it is celebrated in different countries. You can also provide new games typical of America and the United Kingdom for this celebration, like the game "Bob Apple"; this game consists of having to fish for an apple in a bucket full of water with your mouth without using your hands.