Piece of news (6-7 years old)

  • Core Competencies: English, Journalism,
  • Knowledge Area: English Language and




Compose a giant newspaper with clippings from papers and magazines.


  • To understand own events and experiences as a child.
  • To identify and understand the news.
  • Use digital platforms for information of upcoming events.


  • Understanding general facts and information about upcoming events to previous experience in childhood in texts from the media, with special emphasis on the news.
  • Integration of knowledge and information from different media for learning (identification, classification, comparison).
  • Composition of own texts of social media (headlines, captions, brief
    news ...) about upcoming events to childhood experience, to conventional support in schools.



Newspapers, magazines, A2 card, scissors, Pritt Stick


2 sessions of 1 hour

Step by Step:

Step 1

Show the class a story from an online newspaper on the whiteboard, identifying different parts of the news. Then come up with a news story.

Step 2

To start, cut different letters out from newspapers and magazines, photographs, headlines, captions, etc.

Step 3

Now students will have to invent a story using the materials that have been cut out and stick them onto cardboard using Pritt Stick. They can also add their own elements, make headlines with other materials, make photo collages, etc. on the condition that they are all relevant to the news story.

Step 4

Once all the parts are in place, the news story can be compiled.

Step 5

To finish off you could make a coloured frame for it.

Extension Activity

To further expand their knowledge on the news, you could make a regular weekly newspaper. Divide the class into groups and each group must jointly write a story about a school or class event. Remember to post photos, visual headlines. Finally, you could publish your weekly newspaper on the web or school blog.