Theatre and cinema (10-11 years old)

  • Core Competencies:
    1. Competence in linguistic communication
    2. Treatment and digital competency
    3. Social competence and citizenship
  • Knowledge Area: Spanish Language and




Create a scene from a play.



sheets of wood and cork, plasticine, foam sheets, Pritt Stick, PVA glue, cutter, cardboard, scissors.

Step by Step:

Step 1

To start the activity, think back to the last play or film that the class watched. Then get the students to make the characters and props in order to perform a scene from this play. First of all, divide the class into groups. One group is responsible for props, another in charge of decorations, another group in charge of characters and the last one in charge of costumes for the characters.

Step 2

To make the décor, use material like laminated wood and cork to make the buildings, built in 2 dimensions, and only the most important in 3 dimensions.

Step 3

For the props, trees, benches, lamp posts, cars… use paper as the main material.  Mould into the desired shape and colours and decorate, using PVA to glue.

Step 4

In order to make the characters use foam as the main material to make the body, drawing the silhouette onto the foam cut out.  Once cut out, add items such as clothes, face etc. 

Step 5

Finally, to make the characters mobile, glue them to sticks with Adhesive Power Pritt using tape. Once the decorations, props and characters are finished, build the scene of the play.

Extension Activity

To continue working on this activity, your students should watch the following short animation - EQUILIBRIUM made with stop motion technique. Then you can make a short film with characters and sets using this technique. Also, you can take a trip to the movies to watch a short children's session, so we can learn to also appreciate other different productions to feature films and those that are more like real-life.