Geometric figures (8-9 years old)

  • Core competencies: 1. Mathematical
    competence, Shapes, Geometry
  • Field of knowledge: Mathematics



Mathematical Competence based on knowledge and use of basic mathematical elements (different kinds of numbers, measurements, symbols, geometric elements, etc...) in real or simulated daily life, and implementing reasoning processes that lead to the solution of theproblems.



To create a Tangram.


  • Work on polygons.
  • Compose shapes.
  • Work on spatial awareness.


  • Classification of polygons. Sides and vertices.
  • Construction of geometric figures obtained from data and geometric structures. Exploration of basic geometric shapes.
  • Comparison and classification of figures and geometric shapes using different criteria.



Cardboard, pencil, ruler, colored paper, scissors, Pritt Stick, foam board.


1 hour.

Step by Step:


Step  1

To begin, draw the Tangram on patterned paper using the following model:

Step  2

Once it has been drawn, cut out the 7 figures.

Step  3

Then organise the Tangram figures onto the card. 

Step  4

Finally, stick all the Tangram pieces onto the card using Adhesive Pritt Stick to construct the figure as modelled in the picture.

Extension activity

To extend the activity, ask your students to think up a story or something and explain that using tangram pieces (must use them all on every occasion), are similar to a story.