Experiment with gravity (8-9 years old)

  • Core Competencies
    1. Competence in knowledge and
    interaction with the physical world
    2. Autonomy and personal initiative
  • Area of Knowledge: Science



Learn about the forces of attraction.


  • Identify familiar forces that cause objects to move or change shape - forces of attraction or repulsion.
  • Planning and conducting simple experiments to study the properties of materials of common usage and behavior, and reporting the experiments’ results



4 shoe boxes, 4 hard boiled eggs, recycled material (old newspapers, cotton, etc), paint, colouring pens, Pritt Stick.


1 hour.        

Step by Step:  

Step 1

Divide the class into 4 groups. Each group is given a shoebox and an egg.  Explain the experiment – each group will have to use the correct materials (ideally recycled materials) from around the classroom in order to pad the box so that when the box is dropped on to the floor in the playground with the egg inside it, the egg is protected and does not crack. The group who succeeds in meeting this challenge will win.

Step 2

First personalize each egg using paint or colouring pens. 

Step 3

Each group must decorate their shoe box to turn it into a spaceship.

Step 4

They should then pad the box using the materials provided and stick them with Pritt Stick, then then they should make predictions on what they think will happen.

Step 5

When all groups have finished, place the egg in the box and proceed with the experiment. One member of each group drops their box on to the floor in the playground. They should then check to see if the eggs are broken and whether or not the predictions made turned out to be true or not.

Extension Activity

To extend the activity, you can perform an experiment week. Your students will be scientists and should investigate and experiment on topics that interest them. Once their investigations have finished they can show them to other classes at school.