Memory (8-9 years old)

  • Core Competencies: 1. Art, learning about
    yourself, biology/science
  • Area of Knowledge: Knowledge of the natural,
    social and cultural environment




Create a "Memory” or life story with our own photographs.


  • Know the physical changes at different stages in life.
  • Getting to know yourself.


Knowledge of the external morphology of the body. The changes in the different stages of life.



3 year old photograph, current photograph, computer, foam board, scissors, Pritt Stick.


1 hour.

Step by Step:


Step 1

To make your own "Memory", you will need a 3 year old photograph of each student as well as a current one. 

Step 2

First cut the cards into circles, then draw spirals onto the white sheets and cut them out. 

Step 3

Using Pritt Stick, glue the spirals onto the cards, remembering to keep them all equally sized. 

Step 4

To finish the activity, using Adhesive Pritt stick the photographs onto the side of the card that is not decorated. 

Extension Activity

To extend the activity, we can ask students to investigate the changes in our immediate environment by doing interviews with parents or grandparents and even invite them to class to explain.